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posted by Cait Milberry
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If you have been online anytime in the last few days, chances are you have seen communication in action. Folks that work in communications, media, or work in any capacity for their clients in a public-facing way are working around the clock; re-actively tweaking their content to ensure that information is updated, and most importantly, people are safe.

Our clients, community, and we as a business, all have to work together during this time to be safe.

At ICS Creative Agency, part of my day to day consists of working with new and existing clients to create tangible assets and PR strategies to help tell their story and reach wider audiences. Usually, with inbound marketing and business strategies, everything is proactively scoped out—for example, graphics we create, website updates, CRM implementations, photoshoots, etc.

Being reactive during a crisis is critical. At ICS, although we love sitting down to brainstorm and work on great campaigns, we also know when to be proactive on reactive things. 

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Responding in real-time to these situations and to the public can often transform work processes and how our clients manage their operations. For example, remote work is now being implemented all over the world. 

Currently, we are working with all of our clients to update their websites, online hours, social graphics and audiences as well as taking on other clients and reactive requests. This is how we roll and we are here for our community. Always. 

During Hurricane Sandy, PSE&G allocated over 20 of their staff to respond to everything regarding safety updates and information on their Twitter accounts. By the time the power was back up and running, these staff members sent out 90,000 tweets and increased their Twitter following from 14,000 to 58,000.  In the end, pivoting their business to be more customer-focused.

Crisis sucks, and it is scary for everyone right now. Please give a big virtual high five to all the media folks, healthcare professionals, small business owners, and all of you reading this, just trying to deal with the situation at hand. We are in this together. Stay safe folks. 



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