5 Tools Everyone In The Digital Industry Should Be Using

posted by Zack Spear
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As a digital marketing agency, we are always seeking out the most efficient but collaborate tools. This is great for us, but we have found ourselves preaching to our clients regularly too. We figured it might be easier to put everything down so you can view the tools we use on a daily basis.



Slack for all things communication- all team sizes

Slack is a powerful messaging app that allows you and your team, anywhere, to quickly message back and forth without the hassle of email. You can start channels between different teams or just chat with specific colleagues. Slack makes remote and in-person work possible and easier than ever. It has many different integrations and the support it offers is above and beyond any other service we have used thus far. Whether you're a digital marketing agency or a accounting firm, you can benefit from Slack.

Pros -Its ease of use is amazing. There is little onboarding needed because the user interface is so easy to understand. The mobile app is also probably the best we've ever used in terms of internal tools.

Cons - Its hard to find one, if any I think it would be their video calling but this is still pretty beta and not something we would use too often. 

Price - Free to $12/month per user

HubSpot CRM

Hubspot CRM - The ultimate customer relationship tool.

Hubspot is our top choice for ourselves and a lot of our clients. We understand what information and every stage of the buyer journey and are able to get new insights from our customers utilizing this service. We've used a lot of customer relationship management tools, and this one beats them all. 

Automation, connected Gmail accounts, synced meetings, templates, reporting and much more are just some of the main offerings from Hubspot and with a certified Hubspot user on our team we understand every opportunity to help our clients when using this platform with them.

Price - Free! (If you do want to try this, hit us up we can give you some insider information not available to the general public.)

Pros - Ease of use, ability to find contacts on a company before contacting them, email log and email tracking!

Cons - The email tracking doesn't always work so well on your mobile device unless you are using the Hubspot App to email from. This can be a bit annoying when you send as many emails as we do on the go!

Box Storage Provider

Box  - File Storage Solution

We have used a few different storage providers, DropBox, Google Drive and we have landed on Box as a team for easy file uploads, organization and collaboration.

We are able to give anyone access to certain files, folders, edit permissions to ensure when creating websites, infographic, email marketing materials that it is easy to load the information and photos without restrictions or share issues.

Price - $7-$20 per month/per user

Pros - The security on BOX vastly surpasses DropBox which was our main selling point.

Cons - Adding seats is very easy but to remove is very cumbersome and this can only be done by calling support. 



Sendible for Social Media Scheduling

We have used a few tools but are recommending Sendible. Very user-friendly, support staff is phenomenal and the capabilities the platform allows you and helps you automate is very impressive. Everything from blog articles, RSS Feeds, hashtags, recommended times for effective posting, this service is very affordable and great for team collaboration.

Price - $7-$20 per month/per user

Pros - Easy to use interface, support is AMAZING. Also, we are a big fan of the trending topics sections where you can easily schedule relatable articles to your social platforms.

Cons - The reporting can use some updating, as well its important to keep an eye on your notifications as accounts often become disconnected. 

PandaDoc Logo


PandaDoc  - Document Software

We were avid users of QuoteRoller but since they have shifted to their new platform, PandaDoc we made the shift too. PandaDoc is the document platform that boosts your company's revenue by accelerating the way it transacts. With the ability to create templates for documents you re-use regularly it is great for client questionnaires, documents, contracts and even proposals.

Price - $19-$39 per month/per user

Pros - Easy to create documents very quickly, template gallery is set up beautifully and we love the collaboration tool and saved messages.

Cons  - There is no direct URL to a document, so unless you send in the backend you can't send an item. Support for Panda has been okay but nothing too spectacular but to be fair I think we caught them in the middle of software changes themselves.

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