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Having so many options to find that next designer can be a blessing; but at the same time it can be super difficult to distinguish a good designer from an inexperienced designer.

When you are seeking out a graphic design agency its important to look at a few things. In no particular order, here are things we recommend seeking out before giving the green light on your next design project. 

Ask for examples! 

Seems like common sense but unfortunately we see this regularly. A customer will come to us with horror stories about hiring a previous designer without seeking out previous examples of work only to be deeply disappointed when they are delivered the initial concepts. It's common to ask to see previous work, this allows you to see the skill level of your designer. It's also important to realize someone who has been doing design work for twenty years might not be as qualified as someone who has been doing it for two years.

We like to create case studies around our work to showcase the work we have done and the outcomes. 

Look For Customer Reviews

If you have read our blog in the past year you'll likely notice the emphasis we've put on customer success and how reviews are really important to your brands success. When reviewing the testimonials be sure to back check the quality by searching the companies name that left that review or even email the company directly to ask about their experience with the designer. 

Customer Service

This is usually shown by the number of testimonials and reviews the designer has but customer service should be placed at the top of the pyramid when choosing the right agency. How can you seek out good customer service before you actually hire the agency? The sales process should be a good indicator of this. Do they respond to your emails quickly? When they communicate with you, is it professional and knowledgeable? 

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You get what you pay for. We've all heard it before. Often time a price is a good indication of what you will be receiving. Designs can vary which means the amount of time to complete the design will vary too. Having a set price on a service like this can often be a red flag because every company has different needs which results in a different price. 

Asking the right questions

An agency or designer should always ask a number of questions before taking on a job. If you find yourself asking questions during the entire conversation but not answering any questions this can be a red flag. Asking about your brand history, goals, competition and service area are just a few of the questions you should be asked before hiring a designer. 

The Takeaway

Do your homework before hiring a designer. These are just a few things you should take into consideration but always come prepared to be asked questions and answer questions to ensure that next design is exactly what you're after! 

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