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Summer's in full swing, and while the sun's out, your marketing game should shine just as bright. Whether your business is well-versed in digital marketing or just starting out, we have some valuable insights for you on how to maximize your presence in our vibrant city! Let's explore how you can leverage the summer season to achieve business success! Are you ready?

1. Embrace the Summer Events Scene 

Saint John isn't just a city; history is everywhere you turn! From Saint John City Market, the oldest continuing farmer’s market in Canada, to breathtaking Beach Parks, there's always something happening. There's no shortage of opportunities to get your brand out there. Make sure you are aware of everything that is coming up, like Touch A Truck, where the streets come alive, and take advantage of it [you can check more upcoming events here]. 

Pro tip: Hire local influencers to shout your brand from the rooftops (or at least from the Harbour Bridge).


2. Cruise into Success Cruise Schedule — Port Saint John

Ahoy there, mates! With cruise ships docking in our port, it's prime time to show off what you've got. Create special offers or exclusive experiences for tourists looking to take a piece of Saint John home with them. Imagine: "Sail Away with a Souvenir" or "Captain's Choice: The Best of Saint John." Make your business the port of call for every savvy seafarer and watch your sales sail off into the sunset!

Ps. Don't forget to keep an eye on the cruise ship schedule – those ships bring a wave of tourists ready to discover the best Saint John has to offer and your business can be part of what they will experience.

3. Festival Frenzy

Who doesn't love a good festival? Saint John is brimming with them! Locals and people all around New Brunswick annually show up expecting to have a good time at festivals like the Area 506 Festival, where amazing bands like SUM 41 and Kalsey Kulyk are present. This year, make sure your business is part of that. Here are some quick tips on how to make your brand visible at these festivals:

  • Sponsor and Shine - Become a sponsor to increase your brand’s visibility. Your logo on event materials, stages, and signage means thousands of eyes on your brand. Plus, you’ll get shoutouts on social media and festival websites, creating buzz even before the event starts. 
  • Interactive Booths and Demos - Set up a booth that's not just a table with brochures but an interactive experience. Offer live demos, samples, or mini-workshops related to your product or service. If you’re a local restaurant, offer bite-sized samples or cooking demos. If you're in retail, showcase your best products in action. Engaging festival-goers with hands-on experiences makes your brand memorable.
  • Exclusive Festival Deals - Offer special promotions or limited-time discounts exclusive to festival attendees. Use eye-catching signage to draw people in, and ensure your team is ready to promote these deals enthusiastically. Consider creating a special “festival edition” product or service to make the offer even more enticing.
  • Collaborate with Influencers - Invite local influencers to your booth or sponsor them to promote your presence at the festival. Influencers can draw their followers to your business, creating a ripple effect of interest and engagement. Have them share their experiences with your brand live from the event, offering their followers a peek into the festival excitement and your products or services.

Good music, amazing food, and culture – a goldmine for content that resonates with the community.


5. Get Social IRL (In Real Life)

Even if you are not sponsoring a big festival this summer, don't forget to get out there!

  • Host a Pop-Up Event - Imagine hosting an event outdoors or in one of the amazing spaces we have in our city. Your business can offer free samples, exclusive discounts, or mini workshops related to your products or services. For instance, if you run a boutique, you could showcase a summer fashion line with a mini fashion show. If you own a café, set up a tasting station with your best summer beverages. It's about building real connections with your audience.
  • Sponsor Local Sports Teams or Community Classes - Team up with local sports teams or community fitness instructors to sponsor events or classes. Sponsor a weekly yoga class in King's Square and provide branded mats or water bottles. Your business gets shout-outs during the sessions, and you can even have a small booth or table with your promotional materials. If you're in the wellness or fitness industry, this is a perfect match, but even businesses outside this niche can benefit by showing community support and enhancing brand goodwill.
  • Collaborate on Community Projects - [Example: "Summer Mural Project"]. Join forces with local artists and schools to create a beautiful mural in a busy part of town, like the Uptown area. This project can be a community effort, with people of all ages contributing to the process. Your business can sponsor the materials and refreshments, ensuring your brand is prominently featured on-site and on promotional materials. 
By taking simple initiative, your business can engage meaningfully with the community, creating memorable experiences and strengthening customer loyalty. 


6. Heat Up Your Content Strategy

Summer is the perfect time to heat up your content game. From Instagram-worthy photos of the stunning Bay of Fundy to video tours of local attractions, there's no shortage of content ideas. Share insider tips, behind-the-scenes moments, or even partner with local influencers to amplify your message.

7. Cool Down with Giveaways and Contests

Everyone loves a good giveaway, especially in the summer! Partner with local businesses to create exciting prize packages that showcase the best of Saint John. Here are three standout giveaway ideas to help your brand this summer:

1. Saint John Summer Survival Kit - Giveaway a beautifully curated summer survival kit packed with local goodies that capture the essence of Saint John. The bag can include items like:
  • Branded sunscreen and lip balm
  • A stylish reusable water bottle with your logo
  • Locally made snacks or a gift card to a popular local eatery
  • An entry ticket to a popular local event or festival
2. Cruise Passenger Welcome Pack  - Welcome cruise passengers with a giveaway that's too good to pass up. Create a special welcome pack with:
  • A handy map of Saint John's must-visit spots
  • Coupons or discounts for local attractions, restaurants, and shops
  • A mini guidebook with insider tips on the best local experiences
  • A voucher for a free local treat, like a famous Saint John Dulse snack
  • Collaborate with the cruise lines to distribute these packs, ensuring your brand is the first to greet new arrivals.
3. Festival Fun Pack - Tap into the festival excitement by offering a Festival Fun Pack giveaway that includes everything needed for a great day out. Consider including:
  • A pair of tickets to a major summer festival, like Area 506
  • Branded festival essentials like sunglasses, a portable phone charger, and a hat
  • A reusable cup or drink koozie for festival beverages
  • A gift card to a popular local food truck or vendor at the festival
  • A special edition festival t-shirt or merchandise
  • Host this giveaway in collaboration with the festival organizers, leveraging both your audiences to maximize reach and engagement.

8. Stay Cool, Stay Flexible

Finally, remember to stay flexible. Summer in Saint John can be unpredictable (hello, Maritime weather!). Be ready to adapt your marketing strategies based on what's happening in the city. Whether it's a last-minute event or a sudden surge in cruise ship visitors, agility is key to staying relevant and responsive.

So, there you have it – your summer marketing survival guide for Saint John! Dive in, get creative, and let your marketing shine brighter than the summer sun. Happy marketing, and see you out there in this summer's sea of opportunities. Catch you in the sunshine!

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