Making Smart Decisions For Your Brand

posted by Cait Milberry
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A few years ago, I worked in the manufacturing sector, working for a company that took real-time root cause analysis to a whole other level. The product was incredible, but what it taught me about doing business and continuous improvement moving forward has been the biggest lesson so far in all of my experience.

I used to spend a lot of time taking meetings, doing demos, cold calling, emailing, but I never really thought about the problem we solved or who it was we solved the problem for in granular detail. I just wanted to "help." 

When I dug in and thought about how our solution or service provided value and insight, I realized that whether it is a multi-million-dollar investment in manufacturing software or a brand new website, logo or marketing automation strategy, understanding how it all works, and what is going on in real-time is vital.  How this helps your sales team or your marketing campaigns matters and that half-ass solutions will not cut it in 2020. 

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I help people in lots of industries make smart decisions for their brand, their purchasing, their sales and marketing strategies, implementation of CRMS, creating content and copy, podcasts, workshops and professional development courses for their companies and work alongside them to meet their business objectives. 

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I understand that every business will have highs and lows, and I know we all have a pillar that drives us forward to put time into that thing. If we seek out being smarter about our decision making from the beginning, we can make more intelligent purchasing, hiring and ultimately business decisions that keep our companies growing and sustainable. 

Whether it is a new website development strategy, or managing your online presence, think smarter, but just as hard about your business.

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