6 Great Social Media Examples (from Saint John Brands)!

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Social media is an essential marketing tool for businesses to engage with customers, showcase their products and share their brand stories. By leveraging social media, businesses can reach a broader audience and communicate their message effectively [check some effective strategies here]. In this blog, learn about how these 6 different businesses located in Saint John, New Brunswick are using social media to their advantage.




-Being Relevant | The Power Store

The Power Store

Being relevant is extremely important in marketing. The Power Store, located here in Saint John, knows how to engage with their audience with a Facebook post that showcases an authentic Canadian winter experience, complete with pond hockey, early evenings, and even (by their own admission) a Can-Am ride.

This post gets bonus points for hoping on the #GetToKnowYourCustomersDay hashtag and encouraging engagement by asking people to share their experiences in the comments.

Also, in another post from their Facebook page, they posted a video showcasing the Can-Arm with a plow, demonstrating the impressive adaptability of their product, particularly in challenging conditions. Way to go! 


-Sharing Services + Call To Action | Saint John Sports Medicine Clinic

Saint John Sports Medicine Clinic

In this Saint John Sports Medicine Clinic's recent Facebook post, they invite their physiotherapy patients to discover the benefits of another of their services - Osteopath treatment. The post provides a clear path to learn more and a compelling explanation of why Osteopath treatment is a wise investment for one's overall wellness, making it effective and informative for those interested in improving their physical health.

This post also gets bonus points for adding the Facebook “Send Message” button (bottom right corner) and linking it directly to their website.

-Showcasing Recent Projects | E.G. Stairs Ltd 

E.G. Stairs Ltd

Sharing a project that you've recently completed like E.G. Stairs Ltd did on this post, can boost the credibility of your business. As humans, we LOVE to know the inner workings of things and social media is a great tool to do this. Brands, like E.G Stairs, can give a behind-the-scenes look at their process, which will create a bond with their audience.

-Aligning your brand with Social Responsibility | Commercial Properties Ltd

Commercial Properties Ltd

Aligning your brand with social responsibility is a crucial aspect of modern-day marketing. Commercial Properties Limited did this by publishing a blog during Waste Reduction Week with tips on how to reduce waste, aligning it with its brand values and mission.

-Being Involved in the Community | Innovatia

image (23)-1

There's nothing quite like being an active member of the community, and Innovatia in Saint John is an example of that. On their social media platforms, they have announced a new tree-planting initiative in our community, demonstrating their commitment to their mission and values. Also, they receive a bonus for including the hashtag #CSRGreeninitiative, and adding photos of the participants in action.

-Showing what your company has been up to | JTR Services

JTR Services

Social media offers a great way to showcase your company's activities and engage with your audience. JTR Services did an excellent job by sharing their presence at an event and inviting people to visit their booth and spin the wheel for a chance to win prizes.

Social media is about telling a story, and not about selling products or services. By this post, we can tell that JTR Services certainly understands this!

So, there you have it. As demonstrated by these six businesses in New Brunswick, there are numerous ways to leverage social media to your advantage, from showcasing recent projects to engaging with your audience to aligning your brand with social responsibility. Try implementing these strategies and see how they are generating interest in your business!

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