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You're about to purchase a product or service and you have two options; do you buy from a company that has taken the time to share information on the company or do you want to buy from a company that hasn't given you any idea of who the company? 

It seems pretty obvious to me that we're more inclined to buy from a company that is open about who they are versus the company that has credibility and reliability. This is because of one thing. We buy from people, not businesses. This is why putting your team at the forefront of the company is a winning strategy in 2020. If your main form of advertising is your website then having a "Team" or "About" page is crucial for your website marketing strategy

There's a reason why we're told not to get in a car with strangers when we we're kids. It's because we don't know who they are. The same logic applies to hiring a business for services or buying a product. If I don't know anything about the company and who is providing the product or service, why would I pay money for an experience like that? The more information you provide about your company, the more likely you will be seen as a trusted and reliable option.

So, why is a "Team" page so important for your business?

1. Things Become Personal

You can't have a real relationship with someone you don't know. As soon as you are introduced to a member of a team your personal relationship begins. No longer are they a faceless person behind a brand, they become a person you have a relationship with. When you share your team on your website you are giving a behind the scenes look at who you'd be working with, their interests and your web visitors will feel attached to the team. Show your team roles, how they contribute to the company and how they will help you along with the solution you're looking to achieve. 

2. People remember People

A good team page will not only show the characteristics of your team members but it will grab your website visitors attention. Your design should be able to not only showcase your teams talent but evoke their personality. When you accomplish this, this is when your brand becomes more memorable. People start to associate your team member with the brand. This creates a face for the brand that helps with brand personality and growth. 


People are coming to you to find a solution. With a carefully designed team page, you should be able to show how each member of the team has characteristics that will help to find that solution along the way. 

This is your team's platform to showcase their skills in a creative way to prove why they are the right person to be working with you. 

How To Create A Killer Meet The Team Page?


Not every company is the same, so that means there is no script to follow when creating a team page. When you are thinking about your team you should start to think about the design of the page and how you want to portray your team. The page should be consistent with out pages on your site but grab peoples attention as soon as they land on the page. The pictures you use for your team should show the brands personality. If you work for a law firm or insurance team you might want to showcase your professionalism whereas if you're in the tech or creative space you might want to show something a bit more unique for each team member. 

The language you use for the team page should also be consistent to your other pages on the website. If your language is professional then the tone of voice for the team members should reflect that. If you have a casual tone, carrying that throughout each team members profile should relate. Each team members bio could include their responsibilities and history of employment but including personal information is always a way to share connections and start a relationship with your website audience. 

Four Great "Team" pages we can all learn from


View here - https://wistia.com/about/yearbook

Super cool company, with an even cooler product. Wistia shows off their creativity by offering two different views. Check out their directory view if you want to be introduced to a little dance from each team member, their name and title. Or switch to drum mode and start clicking away at each remember while it records your selections turning it into an actual song. 


View here - https://www.kickstarter.com/team

Kickstarter does a great job by not separating team members by sector or seniority but by grouping them by interests like musicians, foodies and more. What else really sticks out on Kickstarter is that when you hover over a team member it shows the amount of projects they have backed. This really shows the dedication to the companies mission. 


View here - https://www.etsy.com/ca/team

If highlighting your management or advisory team is a goal for you then Etsy nails it. The collage of team members below them is a neat idea but i think they missed an opportunity by not making the collage form their logo or at least make the team images a bit bigger. 

ICS CReative Agency

View Here - https://icscreativeagency.com/team/

We're going to toot our own horn a bit here, but our team page not only shows each team members personality with their photo choice but the descriptions are all written by each member of the team so they are in charge of how they represent themselves in the company. We don't show priority to anyone by having a certain
role above another, instead we show our true team mentality by ordering the team members in alphabetical order.  

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