Why Car Dealerships in NB Should Invest in Dynamic Videos

posted by Kevin Hosford
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As many people are aware, the customer car buying journey has shifted dramatically with technology. Today's consumers are more informed than ever and do quality research online before ever stepping foot on a dealership lot. Dealerships constantly need to stay ahead of the curve and find innovative ways to engage and inform potential buyers. An often overlooked content piece is video. Video goes beyond an individual's camera phone. A polished and professional video will set your dealership apart as a powerful tool transforming your sales process.

Here are some main reasons why dealerships should embrace video:



Showcase Like a Pro:

Static images can only do so much. High-quality videos bring vehicles to life, showcasing their design, interiors, and impressive features in a dynamic way. Imagine a steady walkaround highlighting every body line of the car, drone footage of a vehicle driving locally, or a close-up look at cutting-edge technology. Video allows viewers to feel like they're already experiencing the vehicle before having that opportunity. Check out 5 Vital Elements to Create an Awesome Video with Josh, our talented videographer!


Build Trust and Transparency:

The car buying process is intimidating for many. Trustworthy dealerships can leverage video to establish a genuine connection early on. A salesperson can introduce themselves in a personalized video, answer frequently asked questions, or even offer a virtual tour of the dealership. This transparency fosters trust and positions your dealership as a welcoming and informative resource.

Cater to the Modern Buyer:

Information is consumed differently now than at any point in history. People are glued to screens, and video reigns supreme. By incorporating video content, dealerships cater to this preference. Short, informative videos can be easily accessed on desktops, phones, and tablets, allowing viewers to learn about cars at their convenience. The addition of subtitles even allows potential buyers to watch videos in environments where sound is not permitted.


Boost Engagement and Conversions:

Studies show that viewers are more likely to retain information presented in a video format compared to just text. This translates to increased engagement with your dealership's offerings. Compelling video content can not only capture attention but also nudge viewers towards taking the next step, whether it's contacting the dealership, scheduling a test drive, or even initiating the online buying process.


By embracing video, dealerships can transform the way they connect with potential buyers, sell products, and market themselves. It's a powerful tool to showcase your inventory, build trust, and ultimately drive sales success. So, reach out to us and let’s hit the record button on videos to bolster your digital strategies!



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