How To Create A Cost-Effective Digital Advertising Campaign

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Planning to run a campaign but not sure how to get the maximum results without increasing the budget? Here are 5 tips on how to run a cost-effective digital advertising campaign, even if you have a smaller budget. But first, let's dive into How Pay-Per-Click Ads works!




Before you start with anything else, the first thing you need to do is set a budget and monitor your spending on a monthly or weekly basis, if not daily. Also, instead of setting a monthly budget, it's better to set a daily budget. This will help in spending uniformly throughout the month.




then, Target specific locationsTop-Notch-Digital-Marketing-Campaign-Examples-01-1

It’s important to narrow down your target locations instead of using a broad radius. For instance, we can also target just the specific areas in the city of Toronto, per example, instead of targeting the entire city. This will allow the platform to show ads to only a very specific audience and will ultimately help save the budget significantly.


Try long-tail keywords

Since the generic short-tail keywords are always expensive due to extremely heavy competition, leaning over the long-tail keywords is often the right choice.

For example, the cost-per-click of the keyword “auto insurance broker” might be more expensive than “auto insurance broker near Fredericton”. Hence, using the long-tail keywords allows us to target the same audiences but will less competition and a lower price.



Use the list of negative keywords

A lot of times, the ads might end up showing over on those result pages where it wasn’t necessary. Using the list of negative keywords often comes in handy to avoid such scenarios. This will help us focus on those keywords which can bring in more customers.

Connect your analytics to your ad accounts

Last but not least, connecting all your assets with your analytics account is the most important aspect, especially if we are bidding on conversions. It also helps us to take action based on the insights we get from our analytics accounts. 


In conclusion, cost-effective digital advertising campaigns can be achieved through all of these aspects. By leveraging well-laid digital accounts backed by data analysis, you can create campaigns that are both effective and not so heavy on your pockets. 

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