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You don't need to be an Olympic gymnast to recognize the term "stick the landing" but, what exactly does it mean, and how does it apply to digital marketing? Let's explore...

If you're in Atlantic Canada, like we are I hope this proves to be useful since Atlantic Canada has proven to be behind the curve on digital marketing

Stick the Landing is to execute a perfect landing after an acrobatic move, i.e "she stuck the landing on a very tough routine". 

The perfect landing is the result of many hours of practicing, precise timing, and unmistakable movement. A missed landing can not only result in injury, it can cause a perfect routine to collapse. 

Like a gymnast's routine, marketing is also composed of many precise movements and pieces coming together to complete the perfect campaign. Similarly, all of those moving parts mean very little if the perfect landing/campaign goal isn't met.  For example, imagine If I said that you could have all of your marketing done perfectly. You're targeting the right person, with the right message and at the right time, BUT, you don't stick your landing. Well, your entire campaign (your dollars and your results) may come crumbling down. Free landing page builder

In marketing, most digital campaigns will lead to a landing page. This is where the landing happens, where the rubber meets the road and the action takes place. When someone sees your Facebook, Google, or Youtube ad, etc. (if you aren't familiar with how those work you may want to check out how this video on how pay per click advertising works) and they click on it, the place they land is called a “landing page”. How that page is structured makes a massive difference in how  successful your campaign is. 

FOUR tips on How to build the perfect landing page:

Your home page is not your campaign landing page

Imagine you're going to Walt Disney World (I wish) and you see a road sign that says "Walt Disney World, Next Exit", but when you take that exit it leads you to the Orlando Information Booth to get more information on how to get to WDW. That would be a huge waste of precious time and energy.

Think of your marketing in the same way. You already know where your customer wants to go based on what they clicked, so send them there. Your home page shares general information about your company, its products, and/or services among other things. Your new visitor isn’t looking for general information, they are looking for more information on the ad that they clicked on. 

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Remove as many options as possible

There should only be one option, and it’s your goal. And, what's the goal of every landing page? ACTION
Here are some suggested actions:
  • Buy now
  • Sign up for a trial
  • Subscribe to newsletter
  • Register for webinar
  • Download white-paper, e-book, or checklist 
Removing the navigation on your landing page is a popular best practice because it removes the temptation to browse and instead leaves them the only option, which is to take the desired action (call, click, download, book... etc.).

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The third time's the charm! Place 2-3 Calls to Action on your landing page. At best; one at the top, one in the middle, and one at the bottom. 


People like to be heard, understood, and made to feel special. Show them "themselves" in the ad. If you are targeting millennial moms, show a young mother and her children on the ad AND on the landing page.

Click on our example for to see the mirrored landing page ICS_PPC_Ecommerce_300x250

There you have it, if you're looking to really "nail" your campaign make sure to follow these 4 steps on how to build the perfect landing page. For proven help with your landing pages, be sure to reach out to an established PPC agency. 

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