How To Improve Your Google Search Ads Performance

posted by Sidd Naik
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One of the most important factors that need to be considered to improve your Google Search Ads performance is a metric known as Quality Score or QS.
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But then what is Google Ads “Quality Score”?

Google Ads Quality Score is a metric that can let you know how well the ads perform against the competitors. This is calculated by checking the relevancy between the list of targeted keywords, search ad copy and the associated landing page.

Hence, the idea is to keep these three components as cohesive as possible. 

This helps in:

The Quality Score is calculated from 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest and 1 the lowest. Google Ads has set the benchmark as 5 but it's suggested to keep the QS at least 8 or higher.

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But how do we improve the Quality Score?

Step 1: Analyze the landing page from the content point of view. This means identifying the main topic of the landing page and finding out the most used phrases on the landing page. In case the page has little to no content, it's recommended to improvise the landing page too.

Step 2: Use Google Keyword Planner and list down keywords relevant to the landing page by prioritizing the highest search volumes to be considered first.

Step 3: Build a Google Search Ad Headlines and Descriptions using these keywords and at the same time refer to the “Ad Strength” indicator provided by Google Ads.

In conclusion, a strong and consistent ad copy not only ensures more clicks from the viewers but also increases its visibility on the Google Search Engine Result Page (SERP). This ultimately results in a better Quality Score. If you're looking for a Google Ads agency to help grow your business, we're here to help.

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